Testimonial – Colorado Vertical Adventures, LLC

John and Tiffany,

Marketing our helicopter tours has always been a challenge. We have tried everything – Craig’s List, television, classifieds, newspaper ads, brochures, mailers and radio advertising. Nothing has ever worked as well as we would have liked and nothing seemed to reach that target market.

As you know, we began our UVIEW advertising campaign to coincide with last year’s Christmas light tours, with the plan to try it for four months and see if it would pay for its self. We saw results immediately! The first week we received more calls than we ever had, and that continued past Christmas. We have always asked people how they heard about us, so the source of all these calls was easy to track.

We continued to have great success with our UVIEW ads past the Christmas season and into Valentines. It has now been so successful, that we have decided to continue our UVIEW advertising past the planned four months. In fact, we plan on using you guys continuously year round.

We have also been very impressed with the level of customer service we have been provided from UVIEW. Tiffany does an excellent job, developing attractive and eye catching ads with very little effort on our end.

We look forward to working with you in the future!

William Sanders
Colorado Vertical Adventures, LLC