Restroom Advertising Statistics

  • The average person dines out 12.6 times in a month.
  • 84% recall seeing specific advertising in the restroom.
  • 98% reacted positively or neutrally to seeing the ads in the restroom.
  • 64% classify their occupations as Professional, Managerial, or Sales.
  • 83% are between the ages of 25 and 54.
  • Do people actually remember the ads on the restroom wall? Yes, 92% of those surveyed were able to name a specific advertiser.
  • 88% of that group recalled four specific points the advertiser made in the ad.
  • Can you name the advertiser in any of the advertisements?
    Yes: 92% No: 7%
  • Source: Indoor Advertising Survey data – Barbour & Monroe Marketing Research.