Beverage Coasters

  • Drink Coaster Advertising is a simple and effective form of marketing. Combined with Restroom Billboards in Restaurants/Bars, they will keep your message top-of-mind. Every time a patron picks up their beverage they will repeatedly observe your advertising message. Some patrons collect coasters, which allows for bonus impressions. Source - North America Inc.6
  • Glow-in-the-dark Coaster - The glow-in-the-dark coaster will undeniably spark a conversation.
  • Scratch-off - Stretch your imagination and think outside the box. It is hard to resist seeing what message is on the other side. Give it a try and we are certain your customer will pick up your coaster to see your advertising message.
  • Thermo-chromic - Cold Reveal Make it cold and see how intense your message will be.
  • Standard - 4 Color Process, CMYK, or a combination of up to 6 colors, we can reproduce any highly detailed photographic image on a coaster.